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Made In East New York (MIENY) is a multimedia music publishing and entertainment company that exemplifies the talent, discipline and focus of its founder Jack Knight. Featuring the collective talent of some of the music industry’s top hip hop producers, MIENY offers stellar music distribution services and is an independent record label looking for artists.


Our goal is to guide songwriters, producers, and artists from all genres to make an impact on worldwide music and culture in similar fashion as Sony/ATV, Universal Music Publishing, Motown Records, and Bad Boy Records. Our company has already published copyrights worldwide and we have a colorful array of new artists such as KiDi, Mochavation, Shane Anderson, 2 Weeks Late , & Jackie Paladino going into 2020.

​We provide our artists with free cover art, visualizers, production, discounted mixing/mastering, logo design, website design, studio time and more. Our agreements are non-exclusive. By using our production and music distribution services, we aim to bring our artists more revenue, exposure and opportunities in their music careers.

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