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What You Get as a Member

Made in East New York offers an array of services for our signed artists, all of which are conveniently handled 100% online. As a MIENY artist, simply log onto your account and visit the Artist Services page to request whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Our team has over 40 years of collective experience and will help you get

the sound you want as well as craft your brand identity. 

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–Unlimited free music production 
–Access to over 3,000+ instrumental beats
–Discounted mixing/mastering – vocal tracks, revisions,    and instrumental mixes available

–Discounted studio time -–50% off in-person studio time     in Los Angeles
–Songwriting Critique – Honest feedback on songs from    Made In East New York producers 

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–Promotion –Free Promotion via MIENY's partnership        with Streetpace Music Marketing 

  • National FM Radio Campaigns 
    Major Retail Radio 
    Digital Radio 
    Streaming Promo 
    Video Promotion

–Flyers – Free professionally-designed flyers for events,    music releases, etc. 
–Cover Art – Free song cover and album cover artwork 
–Free logo creation

–Merch services

All music production is entirely free to our artists. The talents of our professional music engineers with over 40 years of experience will help you get the sound that you want.

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Unlimited uploads to Made in East New York's music distributor (Distrokid) in exchange for 10% of your streaming royalties—only on the songs we upload. You are never obligated to use our creative services or distribution admin, they are just here as a courtesy to you.


We'd love to help!

Music Production



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